#2125 The Hibernator

Coming soon. The translation of the book “2125 The hibernator”. Now available in Dutch as ebook, paperback and audiobook.

It is 2125. Max Bloemendaal wakes up after a hundred years from the “Coma Superviviente”, an artificial hibernation that allows him, not much older, to return after a hundred years to a completely changed world. Max discovers that after a disastrous century of war, climate catastrophes and pandemics, humanity has a future that no one could have imagined. He continues the quest he had to stop a hundred years earlier: Who was behind the disappearance of his wife, the physicist and activist Felice Ricci?

All his life, Fons Burger has been researching solutions to the world’s two biggest problems: increasing inequality and the systematic destruction of our planet. In this novel of the future, all the solutions come together.

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