The world is getting divided between optimists and pessimists. #2125 wants to offer cohesion, cooperation and a joined vision, a place where we will debate about a better world.

1. #2125 is thinking in ages instead of years or decades

If we want to survive the Global Crisis we are in, we got to realize that our planet has it’s limit in terms of number of people and the resilience of nature.

2. #2125 just wants you to think and speak up

More and more people want change. They stand up against climate change, inequality, lack of freedom and the destruction of biodiversity. They have solutions to the problems but are not heard. Wrong forces in the system prevent the necessary change.

3. #2125 is not a movement, religion or political party

There are a million of movements, thousands of religions and too much political parties. What we need is a mutual understanding of people in all those institutions. We can only achieve that by listening, speaking up and work on constructive solutions.

4. #2125 works on a joined statement in 2025

We collect ideas, hold debates, try to select the best solutions from the various opinions. In two years’ time, in 2025, we want to organize an event where we present all that energy in a joint proposal.

5. #2125 is for the new generation

#2125 is for the new generation. Not necessarily the youngest generation that will rise after genZ, but for the generation of the new human being of all ages, who will no longer burn up our resources, exhaust the planet and make each other’s lives miserable,

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