All not-so-inclusive

August 11th

All-inclusive is a convenient way to travel with your family. No problems such as “can I have another coke?” “Why can’t I have dessert?”” Can you extend the WIFI bundle?”. Especially when you go out with your family, all-inclusive is the way to reduce your spending somewhat while still being able to live like a king.

But all-inclusive is a complete disaster for the countries where the hotels are situated. Tourists tend to stay in their hotels, while local restaurants and the middle class are struggling, because in addition to food, the sale of souvenirs now often takes place in the hotels. Day trips and excursions are also organized from the hotel. The money is all paid in the country of booking and the currency that ends up in the target country only serves to cover the costs there, while the real profits end up with the mostly Western entrepreneurs.

If you have booked all inclusive, go explore. Look beyond your hotel for food. Experience a local adventure and do something to support the people outside the hotel gates as well.

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