Buy dirty stock

July 29th

Yes we’re serious! Not that you should immediately start investing in the arms industry, Monsanto / Bayer, Boeing or BP. But in Shell. Shell has of course been on the wrong path for a hundred years. It has hindered the development of many methods of alternative energy and continues to do so wherever possible. They do have a greenwashing program in which they do research towards alternative energy and also invests some pocket change in wind energy. But in the meantime, she continues to invest billions in drilling, pipelines and refineries.

So why invest in it if you have a green soul? Mark van Baalen and Follow This are the answer. With Follow This, he and his followers acquired a small share package and with that a vote in the shareholders’ meeting. “Change the world, buy shell” is the slogan. People were called upon to buy 30 euros worth of Shell stocks. With these stocks in their possesion Follow-this would compel Shell to take its sustainability seriously. New shareholders could start by sending an email to Shell director Ben van Beurden: “Hi Ben, I’m your newest shareholder. You can change the world. And you have my support. “

Follow this will not let a shareholders’ meeting pass by without using its speaking power and  thus placing a finger on the sore spot in front of all other major shareholders. Follow This is also working with other large multinationals.

A drop on a glowing plate? Yes, but one that is hissing loud enough so that other shareholders are slowly but surely turning their heads and calling for larger steps from the oil giant. A large shareholder, the British Sarasin & partner, decided a few weeks ago to sell off part of its stock package because they felt that Shell isn’t doing enough to meet the Paris climate agreements.

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