Choose right

July 31st

We don’t mean right wing of course! In fact, the left and right no longer exist in contemporary politics. They are obsolete terms that no longer apply. Right-wing politicians can make good and social propositions and politicians on the left are increasingly using nationalist populist rhetoric to win voters. We prefer to make the distinction between social and anti-social politicians. The first group opts for solidarity, equality and respect for the earth. The anti-socials are only concerned about their own environment, their own people, their own wallet and want to create confusion about the state the world is in.

Make the right choice if you are going to vote. Choose social politicians. Democracy is no longer what it has been. Increasingly stupid figures seem to be gaining power by proclaiming all kinds of populist nonsense, and increasingly stupid voters are hobbling after such “leaders.” Money is also becoming an increasingly important factor in politics. Marketing via social and old school media with hundreds of millions of dollars has brought the worst politician of the century to power in the USA. On the photo: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC for short). A waitress from the Bronx who made it to parliament in the USA. Simply because she opposed the political establishment and stood with the people. Her plans for a new green economy are fantastic and although she may not immediately get her way, it is at least a refreshing sound in the totally disrupted American politics.

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