Like an eagle

July 15th

Fly like an eagle. That would be the ideal: a passenger plane without an engine. A Boeing 747 as a glider. Impossible of course. First of all, the wingspan would be so wide that all runways would have to be as long as they are wide. Moreover, we would keep flying in circles because the heat of the wind won’t take us where we want to go.

Alternatives to kerosene are under development however. There are already planes that can fly over a hundred kilometers powered by electricity. And solar panels on the hull are being developed to generate energy during flight. There are many more developments that are possible to solve the serious pollution and CO2 consumption of the aviation industry. But at the same time there is even more opposition from the companies that sell kerosene, drill for oil and earn billions from the stream of fossil fuel that everyone knows will dry up in the near future. In anticipation of a good transition to clean and sustainable flying, let us fly less at least(or not at all). And make more use of public or electric transport. And if we do fly, lets compensate by supporting good organizations that plant trees and forests, and generate extra income in developing countries.

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