Little changes

Of course this isn’t about your haircut. Although if you change your haircut every once in a while, often times something special and new will happen around you. But we’re talking about small changes which you can incorporate into your daily routine which will eventually make the world a better place.

We can’t keep arguing that our efforts are but a drop in the ocean. Or that our efforts don’t count because others aren’t doing anything anyways. When there are enough drops they’ll eventually influence the ocean, and what’s more important: leading by example. So your efforts will have an impact in the long term. Both in your local community as well as the larger picture of politics and the companies around you. They’re dependent on their electorate and consumers after all.

Bring your own grocery bag, leave the car in the driveway, buy more ecological vegetables, choose green energy, travel less by plane. These are probably things you’re already working on. But that only means you can increase the challenge. Save up for solar panels, collect rain water, Switch over to an electric car or go car free completely, isolate your home. Read the 365 tips Dif provides. If everyone would follow them we would have a healthy planet in no time 😉

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