No rain down the drain

July 27th

Most people hate rain. In some countries such as the Netherlands, rain showers these days come in tropical quantities. Western Europe is already so urbanized that the rain can no longer drain off and thus causes flooding. Of all that water, most of it flows to the sea. On the other hand, we are using more and more water. The average person in Western countries uses between 100 and 250 liters per day, depending on the country, for domestic use. Approximately 30% of this is useless for something like flushing the toilet multiple times.

Laws are enacted in more and more countries to ensure that rainwater is recycled in the household in one way or another. For the garden, the toilet or even for washing or the dishwasher, rainwater is excellent. People with a garden can also install a so-called helophyte filter to reuse their shower water.

Rain is soft water. Acid rain has been greatly reduced through a large series of measures. In short, cherish rainwater, even if it is small by mounting a watering can between a drainpipe or placing a rain barrel. Clean fresh water is one of the biggest problems in the world.

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