Read your egg

June 11th

Of course, there is not much to read on an egg. But the numbers you see tell you a lot. An egg has a code in most countries. In Europe  you cannot only check where the egg came from, but also where the chicken lives and how she is fed and cared for. The first number is the most important. That must be a zero if you want to live happily ever after. Zeroes are only allowed on an organic egg from a chicken that roams freely and is treated in an animal-friendly manner. A number 1 egg is also okay because the chicken is free-range or lives on grass. Number 2’s should not be bought. They call them free-range eggs but the chickens never go outside. Part of the chicken’s beak is often cut off. An egg with number 3 is absolutely not done. These are chickens that live with 30 to 60 other chickens in narrow cages. These eggs are already forbidden in many countries. The number after the country code tells you which farm the egg comes from. Use the egg checker to find out where the chicken that provides your morning treat is living.

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