Second life

July 17th

The big companies such as Samsung and Apple are fighting each other to release something newer and bigger every year. Telephone companies are doing their best to get you a new device with every renewal of your phone plan. It’s just a bit better or comes with a new gimmick, the masses love it. These devices are also made to last no longer than 2 years, unless you treat it with the utmost care or barely use it. It is a deliberate strategy because sales must remain constant, so why produce a Nokia that’ll last you 30 years.

Of course we do not want to advertise but using such a product as a second device wouldn’t be a bad idea. You’ll put less stress on your smartphone. You’ll shorten your screen time, and you can use it for years.

More and more companies are also realizing that the dozens of special metals, minerals and other raw materials in the telephones are becoming increasingly scarce. There is now a lively sector focused on the dismantling and recycling of ‘old’ cellphones. Therefore: send your phone to such an organization that collects old phones so the materials can be recycled. At such an organization, the profit goes to a good cause. Delete phone numbers, remove the photos and delete your contacts. Don’t forget to include the charger.

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