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July 19th

Some people are no longer willing to read the newspaper. It’s bad news only these days. And usually the same every day anyways. And who cares about what happens in the other side of the country, let alone that they’d be interested in the situation in the rest of the world. It is nevertheless important to know what is happening in the world around you. Because we’re all responsible for what happens around us. On the one hand, because we, our parents and ancestors have made the world what it is today. A world in which were slowly killing and using up the planet and in which inequality can be found everywhere. On the other hand, because we and our children are the only ones who can still turn the tide.

Waiting until the disaster at our front door is unwise, because by then there is probably little left to save.

Choose reliable media to stay up-to-date with both the abuses in the world and all the good initiatives, ideas, plans and inventions that are going to turn the world into a happy balanced and natural world in which we will all have the same rights.

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