Time for the new generations

August 6th

How much room does someone in their early twenties still have to develop, to have a chance to get something done, to make a difference. The generation of baby boomers who for years wouldn’t give up on their positions of power are slowly losing their influence.

It is time for young talent, but they must be given the space to get there. It may seem that the protests are just like the generations who had the power before them, but they’re the people who will benefit most from leaving this planet inhabitable for them and their children.

Children who skip class because they feel that something must be done about politicians’ weak attitude towards climate goals are either cuddled to death by the hypocrites or ridiculed by the anti-socials who are still denying the obvious climate changes.

Give them space. Listen to them and respond. Have faith in a new generation that has a different pattern of thinking and ways of communicating through the new age, and who have come up with different solutions.

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