Veganism will save the planet

New year, new resolutions. Dif proposes to better yourself and help the earth. Vegans are helping to improve the planet. Because as a vegan you do not only live healthier, you also do your part against the unnecessary suffering of animals in the livestock industry. Those who aren’t eating meat or using other animal products are combatting hunger globally, creating a cleaner and more livable planet, and are reducing the prevalence of obesity and diabetes.


We were told that meat was necessary, because it provided us with nutrients that were found in no other food. But we were lied to. Not only is vegan food delicious, with a little effort you can also easily get all required nutrients from plant-based foods.


Join the Vegan Challenge

January 1st the Vegan Challenge starts. Join us and eat plant-based for one month. No meat or other animal products such as milk, egg, or honey. Of course, we encourage you to keep going after that initial month. Sign up through veganchallenge.nl (or veganuary.com internationally). You’ll receive recipes and tips which will make the month easier and more fun. Will you join us?

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