We defeated the ozone layerac

August 4th

Warm day today? Or maybe the place on earth where you are right now is cloudy and rainy. But who is still talking about the Ozone layer these days. In the eighties of the last century it was one of the biggest problems of the earth. In certain parts of the world, people could no longer be in the sun unprotected because the risk of cancer had risen enormously.

In 1989, the Montreal Protocol was enacted, which stated that the use of ozone-depleting substances, such as polystyrene and CFC (in refrigerators), had to be restricted worldwide. It appears to have had an effect: research has shown that the amount of ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere have been decreasing since 2006, and the ozone layer is slowly recovering.

Ozone was an international problem, and was also solved internationally. Globalism has absolute disadvantages if it remains in the hands of rich anti-social entrepreneurs and politicians, but we live in a world where problems can only be solved together.

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