What size?

July 20th

Nowadays everyone knows the concept of the ecological footprint. Anyone who has ever started to calculate how many earths he would need usually comes to the shocking conclusion that he or she as a person would need several more than the one we have.

This ecological footprint is the number that indicates how much productive agricultural land and water (fishing ground) you need to sustain your consumption level and your waste production. That is an interesting point. Because it’s a challenge to think about how you can still remain happy with less land. For example, if you consider that a kilo of meat is equal to 17 kilos of vegetables, you can already reduce a lot by eating less meat. By throwing away less food or by using items you’ve purchased for longer and bringing them in for recycling afterwards. Globally, There is a lot of room for improvement. Because at the moment the earth is slowly moving towards a desert, but there are also many initiatives that actually combat that desertification. In addition, there are agricultural methods (alternatives to pesticides and artificial fertilizer) that don’t deplete the earth as much and thus yield more returns from agricultural land.

Calculate here how big your ecological footprint is.

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